Friday, March 18, 2011

Coach Louis Arnaud,
Boys/Girls Tennis Coach at Coatesville Area Senior Highschool

1. So how many years have you been involved as a tennis coach?

"I have been involved for two years now at Coatesville and I love it. I've been a full time tennis coach since last year"

2. How many years have you played the sport yourself?

"I have been playin since I was 10, I have always played."

3. Did you ever compete?

"I did in high school and also on the college level. I won a few small competitions but never anything major"

4. Would you say that winning those competitions contributed to you and your leadership role now?

"yea definitely I feel like those small competitions gave me confidence in my game and as a lead I feel like if you don't believe in yourself how can you coach others to."

5. What are the ideal qualities for some one to coach a tennis team?

"A coach needs to be able to make things easy to learn so students can improve. A coach needs to be patient because it takes time to learn nd it is not always easy for new players. The coach must also be easy to approach. People won't ask for help if they are intimidated."

6.What do you get out of Coaching these kids?

Tennis is my passion my favorite activity. I give all my time to it and when I'm not competing I'm coaching because I like to share my passion with others. I grew up here in Coatesville, These people are my people. I am happy to give back to the community. Its very rewarding.

7. Is there any downside to giving all your time to a sport?

"Eh I'm never home but at least I'm out doing what I love"

8. Do you ever find it challenging to to communicate the mechanics of tennis to your athletes and how do you over come that?

yes, after all I am high school tennis coach. Sometimes it's difficult to get the children to listen to my advice. It takes for them to do it their way and fail for them to try it my way the second time. Other than that they all tend to see it my way eventually.

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  1. Nijel, I especially enjoyed reading Louis Arnaud's response to your last question. I wonder if he would give the same answer when working with people outside of tennis. Where do you know Mr. Arnaud from? After interviewing him what do you think you would take from his leadership style (if anything)?