Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ethical Leaders

To be an ethical leader is to make decisions that better the majority. I have met student leaders as well as professional leaders that have qualities that make them ethical. They are selfless rather than selfish and advocate for helping everyone as a whole rather than meeting the needs of one or two people in particular.

Debbi, my former dance teacher and good friend is a great example of someone who puts her own agenda aside to better serve her students. Dealing with over one hundred girls ranging from the ages of 4-18 years old, Debbi is wonderful in dealing with people of all ages. Not only does she have to remain patient, understanding and level headed but she also has to deal with the parents. Debbi would sometimes confide in me of how stressful her work could be, which I can only imagine can be difficult at times. There are parents who complain, don't pay tuition on time, don't approve of costume choices, changes in dance schedules...and Debbi has to deal with all their complaints. Although Debbi wants to please all of her students, and their parents, she knows that she can't please everyone and has to make the executive decision that will better help her dance school as a community.

Famous people that come to mind who resemble ethical leaders: Our Founding Fathers...Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, to name a few.. men that fought for our freedom and created our government system today. They took an ethical approach in trying to meet the needs of as many people as possible. And as other people have mentioned, leaders whose purpose in life is to help the "greater good" and those who possess values and morals who treat people with respect and whose laws and regulations help others rather than hinder. People who are fair and do not favor one group of people over the other and respect everyone equally is someone I feel is a good leader.

And now for the unethical leaders, sure we could talk about Hitler but everyone talks about Hitler. Hitler was insane, a man who had the desire and means to execute so many people just based on a hatred is sickening to me. A leader who brainwashes the minds of others I feel does not deserve the right to be considered a leader, or at least a good one. Everywhere you look you can find someone who holds a leadership position; whether it be a high school teacher, principal, coach, lawyer, doctor, architect, chef...basically any sort of profession you find you will be sure to find SOMEONE who is disrespecting the people he or she works's just bound to happen. There are certain people who hold a certain amount of power and don't know how to channel all that pride and confidence in a health way without creating conflict.

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